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I wish Boondocks would have never opened their café in McCracken. It is awful not being able to go downtown for a sandwich, dinner or whatever. If they would not have opened I would not know what I am missing!!!
We have heard many nice comments about Katlyn and Angela Morgan at Kids Corner. Was there any doubt??
An early Christmas get-to-gather was held at the home of Rob and Helena McGaughey for Aaron, Leslie, Lillian and Jackson McGaughey, Ashley McGaughey, Richard Gonzales and Austin McGaughey.
Francis & Roberta Wierman were Christmas weekend guests of Marilyn & George Sommers of Silver Lake. Sunday, Dec 23 Christmas celebration held at Joey, Jill, Brayden, Hailey Herschbach, Cindy Wierman in Liberty MO. Also attending was: Ray, Laura, Jerrod, Jennifer Wierman of Bennington, Shane, Jill, Ivan & Tessa Brethowr of Olathe & Rita Brethowr of Park City.
Norma McNair traveled to Topeka Christmas Day to visit with all the children and grandchildren. She stayed at the home of Jeffery, Lexie and Colton Molloy's, but visited with Jamie, Dallas, Mason, Hunter, and Maverick DeWitt also with Cory, Jen and Justin Molloy and baby Chevele that is still in the oven not ready for this crazy bunch.  Thursday evening Tracy, Tyler, and Micheal Humbert joined the group and we played games and gave the children stockings. We had a great time altogether.
John and Melanie Zeller, Rachel, Lance, Haydn, and Tessa Legleiter, Sarah Urban and Kiel Emerson went to Christmas Eve dinner at Ruth Axman's home in Hoisington.
On Christmas day Melanie and John had Christmas guests, Rachel, Lance, Haydn and Tessa Legleiter, Sarah Urban and Kiel Emerson, Bill and Julia Zeller, Ruth Axman, Lisa, Ethan, and Eli Gamber. Haydn and Tessa Legleiter stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Zeller a few days and fun was had by all. 
Frank & Elaine Littler had supper Christmas Eve with Mildred Littler at the Long Term Care.  Others present were Pat & Terry Miller, Deanna Stevens and friend Scott, Great Bend; Brenda Littler & Carl Rosenlund, Scott City, Gene Littler, and Trevor, Stacey, Brennen, Tyron, and T.J. Steinert.
Roy & Phyllis Conrad had Christmas dinner with Albert and Louise Zordel of Ransom at the legion in Ransom. Louise helped to prepare the dinner.  She made 14 pecan pies and Herb  Schwartzkopf made 14 pumpkin pies. After dinner Roy & Phyllis went to visit Father Krause in the hospital.  His knee looks good but he wants to go home.  He told us he had a visitor to come by to wish him Merry Christmas which was the most Rev. Bishop John Brungardt Bishop of Dodge City.  The Bishop also had the Christmas mass in Ransom.
Tom Rues is arrived in Topeka on Friday and the Rues family celebrated on Saturday.  All will be at Tim's house. Maddie and Lily will have their cousins....Emma and Kate and Will if he wants to spend the night.  Arline Rues, Alicia and Leigh, Les and Rose, Cathy and Ron...Alex and Catherine and John,Tom (Concord, NH) Tomi and Tony...Emma, Kate and Will....Tim, Maddie and Lily hosted Christmas on Saturday Dec. 29th.
Carolyn & Dave Davenport and Rosey spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Ty, Tina & Quintin Elias
Christmas Eve guests of Rob and Helena McGaughey were Amanda Showalter and family, Jason and Jessica Showalter and family, Diane McFarren, Ashley McGaughey, Terry and Helen Showalter, Richard Showalter.
On Christmas Day Frank & Elaiane Littler hosted dinner for Brenda Littler and Carl Rosenlund, Scott City, Scott and Amber Littler, Stacey and Trevor Steinert and family, LaCrosse,  Kristy and Seth Packard and family, Gove, and Cody Prosser, Hays.  Scott cooks a GREAT ham!!!
Johnny Mac Showalter spent Christmas in Denver with John and Ellen Evans.
 Jesse and Jolene Showalter of Bloomington, Illinois were week long guests of Arlyn and Jan North.  On Sunday Arlyn and Jan hosted a Christmas Dinner with Eunice North as the guest of honor.  Guests included Daryl and Linda North, Paul North, Daniel and Janice Basgall, Jesse and Jolene Showalter.

 Sarah Martin celebrated her 17th birthday at the home of her grandparents Arlyn and Jan North.   She requested burgers and "DUCK DYNASTY".  Now that's a party.  LOL

 Ronn and Laura Martin arrived the day after Christmas to celebrate the holidays with her parents.  Laura made a unique gift for her dad----a wooden quilt square called "North Star."   Mounting it above the shed door was no easy feat.  Drive by and enjoy.

 Christmas Eve dinner guests of Arlyn and Jan North were Eunice North and Paul North.  Eunice really enjoyed the service at the United Methodist Church.  She peeked in at her old office where she was Sunday school treasurer.
Bryce Conner and Caden Morgan placed 1st and Reece Morgan 4th in their respective classes at the wrestling tournament held Saturday at TMP in Hays. Congrats boys.

Christmas Day dinner guests of Betty Greenway were Bill, Paula, William,

Michael and Stephanie Greenway; Allan and Donna Hill, Victoria; Janice

Pfannenstiel Ness City and Josh Tway, Ellis.
Dan, Kim, and Megan Townsend spent a few days in McCracken visiting family over the Christmas holiday.  Megan was in the states for 13 days before she returned to Guinea to complete her Peace Corps service.  Jacob Townsend, Hays, had to work over the holiday, but spent as much time as possible with his parents and sister.
Wendell & Gladys Hinman visited with the Wade Hinmans and Larry Hinmans over the weekend. Greg & Sheila Hinman; Jessica Hinman & Jeffrey Hnman were Christmas Eve supper guests and Christmas morning guests before joining the Zweifel families for Christmas dinner.
Barry, LeAnn, Jordan, and Molly Knight, Hutchinson hosted a pre-Christmas dinner on Sunday evening. Those attending were Lenora Stremel, Shirley Bundy, Art Behrman, Hutchinson, Kathleen Thomas, Parsons, Dave and Carolyn Davenport, Hutchinson, David and Lanette Kaster, Overland Park, Celeste and Dale Davis, Memphis, and Norman and Denise and family, Miltonvale.
Arkie and Diana McNair and Charlotte Ochs enjoyed Christmas with family in Denver. They returned home Thursday.
Guests of Shirley over Christmas were Jerry, Tanner, Jenna, Chuck, Zach, Tammy, John, Kyra, Bryant, Cameron, Courtney, Kayla, Dominic, Lindsey & Nicole. Jodi didn’t make it because she had to work Monday & Wednesday and didn’t want to take a chance with the weather Christmas Day.
Don & Deanna Bergquist spent Christmas Eve in Wakeeney with Bryan, Treva and Audra Bergquist. Christmas Day they were in Abilene with Dana, Patrick, Bryce, Blayke and Bradyee Mintner.
Guests of Linda Dale over the New Year were her son Evan Dale, Boulder and daughter Audra Dale, Albuquerque.
Bryant Reece and Kyra Horesky attended the KC Chiefs-Denver Bronco football in Denver Sunday afternoon.
Mike and Nancy Wiebe were guests of her parents, Wilfrid and Twila Higgins over the New Year.
Gladys & Wendell Hinman helped their great-grandson, Connor Grimme, celebrate his 10th birthday at his grandparents, Greg & Sheila Hinman's, home in Lewis, Ks. on Saturday. Many other family members were present for a pot-luck dinner. Laura Wierman of Bennington, Cindy Wierman, Jill Herschbach, Brayden & Hailey, Kansas City, Mo. were Saturday over night and Sunday guests of Gladys & Wendell Hinman.
History Notes

January 1953

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Georg a son, Jay Glen, born December 27.

Golden Belt Phone Company gets its charter. Members are James Jecha, Walter Becker, Martin Hemken, J.P.Renner, Edward Peterson, Herman Folkerts, Roland Bahr, Earl Ratlief and Wm. Schroter.

A son, James Emmett, was born December 28 to Sgt. And Mrs. James Fulkerson.

Arnold HS defeated McCracken HS 58-45 at McCracken. Players; Lovitt, Schuckman, O’Loughlin, Jennings, House, Juvenal, Gilbert.

Helen Marvin and Howard Yost announce their engagement.

Miss Arlene Ingraham, Marquette and Miss Lorraine Lacey, Cimmaron were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Derr.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sultzer celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Ben Enslinger has been appointed manager of the Timken Lumber & Hardware Company

Today’s Market…wheat $2.14 Eggs 36 cents
January 3, 2013 News

Birthdays: January 3, Alberta Anderson Kreisel, Melvin Simmerman; January 4, Lisa Groff Day; January 5, Darwin Herdman, Clayton Wilson, Deb Gaunt; January 6, Cheryl Lamer, Judy Hugh; January 7, Craig Higgins, Richard Mills; January 8, Randy Taylor, Jeffrey Anderson, Stuart Clancy; January 9, Jason Casey, Alana Rogers, Clinton Kershner, Robert David Bisagno.

Anniversary: January 3, Trenton and Jana Herdman.

We are grateful for the wonderful wet snow we received on New Year's Eve. We look forward to a wet winter and spring.

The Family of Marge Moran celebrating Christmas on Saturday evening were John, Ellen and Josh Moran; Clark, Nicole and Madison Kirk, Jason Moran and Michele Moran.

Addie Mills was a luncheon guest of Norbert and Teresa Karlin and Mike at J. D.'s Chicken in Hays last Saturday. Addie also visited with Jack Klee at Centennial Towers.

Those helping with the mass at St. Mary's on Saturday evening were - Father Pascal Klein, priest; Don Bergquist and Bet McCormick, collection; DeAnna Bergquist, Lector; Nancy Wiebe and Twila Higgins, gifts; Phyllis Conrad and Carolyn Thompson, extraordinary ministers, Susan Keith, organist, Michele Moran, song leader, Shannon Keith, server; Roy Conrad, sacristan; Marge Elias, rosary leader; Jean Schutte, mass preparation. The church was beautifully decorated. Thanks to all those who attended.

Addie Mills was a Christmas day dinner guest of Marty and Tina Mills.

Carolyn Thompson was a Christmas eve guest of Mike, Susan and Shannon Keith at Ellsworth. The Keiths came to McCracken on Saturday and Sunday. Shannon and Mike joined the Irvins' "cattle drive" from south of Roger Legleiter's to the Darkes place in Ness County on Saturday afternoon.

Family gathered to celebrate the 16th birthday of Stephanie Greenway on Saturday evening at the home of her parents, Bill and Paula Greenway.

Kansas Questions

1. More than 4,000 German prisoners of war were housed near Concordia during World War 11. Many worked for local farmers. What was the name of the camp?

2. Who starred in the movie "Elmer Gantry" set in the fictional Kansas town of Gritzmacher Springs?

3. Who wrote the play "Picnic" which was filmed in what Kansas town?

4. One of Mad magazine's illustrators who drew Alfred E. Neuman was from what town?

5. What is the name of Wichita State University's mascot?

Marty and Tina Mills enjoyed a pre-Christmas dinner last Sunday at Tina's parents, Bob and Della Miller, in Brookville.

1. Camp Concordia.

2. Burt Lancaster.

3. Hutchinson, William Inge born in Independence and graduated from the University of Kansas in 1935.

4. Paul Coker from Lawrence. He also worked for Hallmark cards.

5. WuShock.

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