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A brunch was held for Sonja Conner at the home of Florence Zimmerman Tuesday morning.  Guests attending were Twila Higgins, Pat Derr, Lynnette Pivonka, Maggie Dechant, Shirley Higgins, Lila Hallett, Rita Liggett, Anna Mae Kreutzer; the hostess Florence and honored guest Sonja.
We missed Yvonne Lang attending Christmas at the home of Lucy Vogle.  She is a friend of Mark McCormick.
A letter was received from Roberta and Reed Bullock at Christmas time. They have moved to Henderson, Nevada to be closer to their daughter, Frances. They both have been very ill.  Reed doesn’t drive anymore so they have a Visiting Angel that drives them where ever they need to go.  Roberta still has many of her problems, was in the hospital and rehab most the month of November.  She said she got ‘hooked’ on the pain medications that had been prescribed for the past 40 years.  She has been in withdrawal and it has been terrible, but she is slowly getting better.  We know they would appreciate a card or letter.  Their new address is 2910 Horizon Ridge, Parkway West, Hendereson, NV  89052.
Deb Watson took Betty Fear to Wakeeney on Thursday where she underwent gall bladder surgery.  She is doing well.  Deb also visited Verlene Wilson, commented about what a beautiful home she has.  Verlene would welcome company.
Hoisington hosted a 6th grade girl’s volley tournament on Saturday with ten teams participating.  The teams were 2 from Salina; 2 from Hoisington; 2 from Hutchinson; 2 from Salina; Great Bend and Garden City.  Jenna Higgins is a member of the HTC team from Hutchinson which placed 1st.
Wednesday evening they celebrated Katherine Ryan’s 93rd birthday party at the Rush County Nursing Home Activity Room.  Attending were Austin, Helena and  Rob McGaughey, Joyce Hunter, Pat Murray, Lucy Vogle, Doris Schafer, Mary Margaret McCormick, Richard Showalter, John Showalter, Lesley and Lillian McGaughey, Lydia Schuckman and her daughter Joan Schultz, Phyllis Showalter, Nap Derr, Lucille Stackhouse, Frances Janke, Icis Eisenhour and her daughter Jan North, Jessica Berg and her three daughters, Havyn, Shaili and Tabri; Esther Urban and the honored guest, Katherine..  Sorry we missed Barb Stienert.   Others unable to attend Terry and Helen Showalter, Angela Murray, Christi Kleweno, Aaron McGaughey, Pat Miles, Lynn and Steve, Ashley McGaughey, Mark Zaragosa, Jason Showalter, Amanda Showalter and family.   Cake and ice cream were served.  There was a white cake and vanilla chocolate marble ice cream with cherry seven-up (a bit of the bubbly).
My apologies regarding the item about Pauline Keller and Kurk and Vickie Ackerman.  Pauline was Ann Baus’ aunt and Vickie was her cousin.  My sympathy to Ann and her family.  Ct
Spec. Andrew Strange and wife Cassie Karlin spent the past ten days visiting family and friends in the Colby and Hays area.  Addie Mills met them in Hays for lunch on Tuesday.
On Saturday Andrew’s mother took them to Denver from where Andrew returned to Iraq and Cassie to Oahu.   
Once again there will be a series of talks and dramatic interpretations on the violent conflict over the slavery issue in Kansas Territory 1854 through 1861 at the Constitution Hall State Historic Site in Lecompton on Sundays at 2:00 p.m. beginning on January 25 and running through March 1.  The Admission is free.  The first program is entitled “Legendary Kansans in the State Capitol” given by Virgil W. Dean, editor, Kansas History:  A Journal of the Central Plains.  Tim Rues is in charge of the museum at Lecompton and he would love to see you at these talks if you are in the area.
John and Sharon Irvin went to Kansas City Monday January 5 until Thursday January 7.  John and Les Rogers attended their annual board planning sessions for three days.  Sharon shopped with two other wives.
Mike Karlin spent Saturday through Monday with grandmother, Addie Mills.
Billie North is in ICU at Hays Medical Center.  She is on the road to recovery from bacterial pneumonia.  It will take six to eight weeks for convalescence.
Ron and Ruthanne Crawshaw and Bill and Paula Greenway have been in Fredonia and Wichita to help Ted and Bernadine Gray.  Bernadine had pneumonia and then heart surgery in Wichita.  They took turns staying with Ted.  We wish Bernadine a speedy recovery.
Mamie Crawshaw was a patient at Hays Medical Center.  Library board members have been filling in for Mamie and Ruth at the library.
Five whitetail deer were enjoying the peace and quiet of the McCracken Cemetery on Thursday before I interrupted them. 
Obituaries in Volume 111 McCracken History Book for 2007:  Eunice Oller Harding, Barbara Tacha, Inez Jane Royer,  Matthew Smith, Willis Redding, William Earl Turner, Jr., Richard McFarren, Tim Welborn, Keith Crawford, Alice Potter, Bob Holopirek, Stella Hugh, Richard Moses, Erik Gifford, James Seltman, Inez Scheideman, Kenneth Lero, George Doerr, Neil Dirks, Glenn Grumbein, Robert Elmore, Dixie McMullen Allen, Gene Trout, Clarence Grumbein, Ethel Catherine Ohlemeier, Hannah Auston, Mildred Green, Margaret Hilliard Robinson, Norma Howard Leiker, Sandra Chestnut, Larry Edmundson, Ethel Boese, William Skaggs, Warren Moore, Lorraine Schaffer, Alvin ‘Pat’ Istas, Corrine Janke Brenner, Jacqueline ‘Joan’ Klee, Lois Elmore, Jay Frazier, Kathleen Ruehlen, Woodrow Yost.  (This concludes the obituaries in this book).  There was also graveside services for Lola a/k/a Nemo – the fish, in the back yard of Thayne and Machree’s.
Father Kenny has been appointed to handle Msgr. Leahy’s finances.  If you wish to help Msgr., please send it to Father Kenny.
McCracken History Notes
January 1879
If any one still holds to the insane idea that cattle can be wintered without shelter or feed, this winter will probably cure him.
January 1899
A. Seeley of Fairview, has been hauling wheat to McCracken.
We hear persons, who have never been inside of the school room during school hours, telling how things should be done.  We would like to see some of these kickers teach school awhile.  They would probably be able to speak more intelligently on the subject.
January 1909
The winter weather we have been having was no bluff, but the real thing.  A few more attacks like this and a man’s winter coal supply won’t look any larger than thirty cents.  The coal men are wearing smiles that won’t rub off.
Several cases of whooping cough is reported out in the neighborhood of the college, one or two pretty severe.
January 1919
Paul Wilson received a $25.00 check for a shipment of skunk furs making this over $100.00 he has received this winter.
Bell Telephone is now in operation here.
January 1939
About 52 employees and their wives of the Humburg stores were entertained at a banquet at the Nash Hotel here Tuesday evening.  The program was given as follows:  Vocal solo by Francis Lovitt, accompanied by Betty Jo Twiselton; girls’ trio composed of Eva Rae Skinner, Freda Irvin and Lenora Ramsey accompanied by Kathleen Martin.
Plans this week got in motion for the organization of both boys’ and girls’ town basketball teams.  M. L. Morris has been chosen to manage the teams and games Monday evening will be in Brownell.  Boys reporting for practice are Malcolm Showalter, Frank McGaughey, Harley Tanck, C. C. Groves, Carl Bible, Thomas Barnes, Francis Lovitt, Lester McGaughey, Bob Tanck, J. B. Morgan and Dean Irvin.  Girls reporting are Marie Wierman, Inez Brackney, Helen Van Winkle, Hazel Davenport, Lenora Tanck, Lorene Schutte and Bernetta Marak.
January 1949
McCracken won from Alexander 33-31.  Members for HHS are W. (William) Spomer, V. (Vic) Higgins, J.(Julius) Unrein, W. (Wayne) Irvin, R.(Robert) Thompson and F. (Floyd)Thompson.
Mrs. Edward Cain and daughter, Adah Margaret, born December 27 returned home last week.
January 1959
A roadside park along the south side of K-96 west of Alexander in Rush County is in the offing.
David Derr, two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Derr, returned home Monday where he had been ill with pneumonia.
January 1969
Rita Moran left Tuesday for San Francisco after spending the holidays with her mother and sister, Rosa and Mary Ann Moran.
USD 395 announces attendance center changes for the 1969-70 school year.  The logical combination of grade schools is to combine Alexander and McCracken on the west and Rush center, LaCrosse and Liebenthal on the East, however only 9 and 11 students are in the lst and 2nd grades in Alexander and McCracken.  Therefore Rush Center’s lst and 2nd graders will attend school with them at Alexander.  The 3rd and 4th graders from Alexander and McCracken will be at McCracken.  The 5th and 6th graders from Alexander and McCracken will be at Alexander and the 7th and 8th graders will be at McCracken.  Alexander students will have a choice to attend either LaCrosse or McCracken High School, even though they will graduate from McCracken Grade School. 
(Are you confused?)
January 1979
The McCracken girls fell to Pawnee Heights 75-54.  Norma Elmore scored 16, Kerri Derr 14, Lisa Shuckman 2 and Cheryl Foreman 1.  In the boys basketball game with Pawnee Heights even though Kellye Irvin wasn’t feeling well he scored his career high of 42 points.  The Mustangs won 76-68.
We are not doing 1989 or 1999 this year as they have been recently published in the McCracken History Volume 111.

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