March 15, 2012 News

Birthdays: March 15, Jenna Higgins, Havyn Showalter, Julia Elias, Lily Rues; March 16, Audra Hurd; March 17, Brian Davis, Rev. Eugene Kenny, Bruce Kershner, Brandon Herdman; March 18, Mark Baus, Joshua Miller; March 19, Laura Wierman, Bill Wetzel, Andrew Zimmerman, Alexandra Anderson; March 20, Nicole Ryan, Carla McCarrell, Shari Jo Funk, Dylan Derr, Roxane Dechant, Sonia Mae Conner; March 21, Robert Higgins, Hannah Albers Enslow.

Anniversaries: March 18, Roger and Norma McNair; March 20, Jerry and Ann Schutte.

Congratulations to Shari Jo Funk on her 50th birthday. From the Rush County News - born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Funk of WaKeeney, a daughter, Shari Jo on March 20, 1962, at Hadley.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Avery Norlin, a son, Floyd Albert, March 14, 1952. Congratulations to Floyd on his 60th birthday.

Make your plans to attend the St. Patrick's Day events at Rush Center on Saturday, March 17. All the Irish and "For the Day Irish" are encouraged to attend.

E. A. Nichol, Houston, and his daughter Anita Klingler, Austin, were here for a visit last week with family (Frey and Nichol). On Tuesday they had dinner with Chad and Lori Folkerts. Joining them were "Nick's" classmates from LaCrosse High School in 1945, Wanda Karst and her husband Leon, Tillie Miller and Lorene Parker. On Wednesday morning Nick and Anita took a tour of eastern Hampton and western Fairview townships where the Nichol/Nickel families settled. They visited the Nickel Cemetery, Barnard Bell, Hampton Cemetery and Fort Hays-Fort Dodge Trail marker. Family joined them for lunch at Boondocks at noon. Those attending were Bob House, Dight and Leonore House, Ben Thompson, Al and Judy Hugh, T. J. Milam, Carolyn Thompson. Despite living in LaCrosse, Nick in his 85 years had never been to McCracken.

Kansas Questions

1. Where is "Little Switzerland"

2. Where is the Butterfield Trail Museum located?

3. Where is the Sante Fe Trail center located?

4. Where is the Hollenberg Pony Express station located?

5. Where is the 60 ton concrete "Smithalo" located

Skip" (William Harrison) Washaliski born Mar. 27, 1932 will turn 80 this year. Lives at 5328 Singletary Rd., Milton, Fl 32570-8496. It has
been suggested to send a card or an email note to remind him how old he has become. E-mail:

Rita Brethour, Park City, visited Francis and Roberta Wierman Saturday and Sunday.

Tony Schlitter, Milton, Delaware, was 80 on March 13, 2012. Cards may be sent to 14044 Milton Ellendale Hy, Milton, DE 19968

Sure happy to have Wichita State, University of Kansas and Kansas State University in the NCAA.

Roy and Phyllis Conrad attended the funeral of 17 year old Maggie Melynn Olson at Garden City. Maggie died from the outcome of a one-car vehicle accident. Her grandparents are Clifford and Lilly Rein of Garden City. Lilly Rein's mom, Anna Suppes, was a sister to Margaret Gerritzen. Celebrants of the funeral were Father Mike Helms from Lakin and Father Rene Labrador, Garden City. Roy and Phyllis enjoyed seeing and talking to Father Rene before the funeral services. Father said his dad was back in the hospital and in lots of pain.

Babe and Arlene Gilbert, Pat Derr, Shirley Higgins and Carolyn Thompson attended the suprise birthday party to celebrate the 80th birthday of Julius Unrein on Sunday at the home of James and Diana Unrein in Hays. It was nice to see Lee Roy Schuckman there also.

A St. Patrick blessing:
May your neighbors respect you,
Trouble neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And heaven accept you!

Boondock's will be grilling brauts and other yummy items after the St. Patrick's Day Parade and will be giving the proceeds to McCracken Beautification. Along with they
will be having a special drawing for all of those that wear their green St. Patrick Boondocks Shirt. Saturday evening there will be karaoke. Check out their facebook for more information.

I have loaned my copy of "Moon over Manifest" to someone and can't remember who..will you please contact me.Thanks, Shirley

Terry Peters, a 1967 graduate of McCracken, remained a very loyal Mustang alum his entire life. His love of sports, hunting and fishing was
obvious to all who knew him. He had a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh. He was a regular at the McCracken alumni golf tournament until his health
wouldn't allow him to play. Despite that he continued to bring Shirley a donut bright and early on the day of the tournament and would joke with those that
were golfing. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

September 1929

McCracken High School football team will open the season at Bison today by sending in a crippled squad. Basil Ryan is out with
a bad leg and both the Campbell boys are out of town, called away to attend a funeral. Bison has the heavier team but it is reported
that the home boys are fast and clever.

May 1930

The four Yost brothers from Alexander defeated the Four Lovitt brothers in Sundays games by a score of 9 to 7. It was a pretty even game until Warta retired in favor of Phillips. The young Missourian pitched but his support faltered. There is a good prospect for a ball team here. Warta and Phillips pitch good ball, Jim Lovitt catches very well but at present can't hit. Bob Lovitt, at third fields well but is erratic in throwing and gets on only when hit by a pitched ball. At short Francis Lovitt handles himself fairly well and looks good at the bat. At second, Jim Cramer is a good quarterback when playing football. then we move over to first and find long Sam Lovitt doing his level best ---and don't forget it, he will be a real ball player with a little more experience. In the outfield WoodieScheideman looks like a player but doesn't seem to hit and he muffed a nice one Sunday to load the bases. Horn is fast and fields well and will likely get his batting eye soon. Right field is yet to be filled. Of course Sunday's game was just a try-out for the boys.


1. Troy

2. The old Logan county Courthouse in Russell Springs.

3. West of Larned

4. Hanover

5. At the Smith ranch near Longford.

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