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The family of Rena Ryan (she was married to Howard D. ’Babe’ Ryan, Brownell), gathered at the Brookville Hotel in Abilene last Sunday to celebrate Rena's 90th birthday.  Rena now lives in Salina.  Her daughter, Judy Piercy arranged the surprise party for her and she was very surprised.  We all kept the secret sucessfully.  Rena doesn't look nor act 90 -- more like 70 or 75 at the most.  She's a wonderful, remarkable lady and well loved by her family.  Those present were daughter Judy Piercy and her friend Keith Teasley, Craig, Cristy and Melissa Piercy, Mary, Martin, Carrie, Joe, Cyndi and Ryan Higgins, Paula and Gino Corte, Andrea and Bryan Ring, Bill, Anita, Harrson, Jamie and Zoe Boatright.  The Brookvill Hotel is very nice and the food was delicious.  Judy and Anita provided the birthday cakes.  What a grand day!"
Roy & Phyllis Conrad attended a birthday party on Sunday evening for Brenden Peach of LaCrosse and a belated Birthday for Zackery Peach.  Also there at the party were Don and Helen Peach of LaCrosse along with Mike and Mary Beth Peach.  Always fun to get invited to our boy’s birthdays.
Jason and Teresa Fewell and family were Saturday overnight guests of Shirley Higgins. They  attended the “Cathedral of the Plains” centennial celebration in Victoria on Sunday.
Chuck Higgins and Kyra Horesky were officials at the volleyball games in LaCrosse Friday afternoon. Victoria was the winner over Western Plains and LaCrosse.
Bob Fear, Tony Harp, Sean Peters and ‘Arky’ McNair were the winners in the golf tournament held at the McCracken golf course on Sunday.
Nicole Tacha is a member of the Catholic High School volleyball team in Springfield, Missouri. Their first game was August 29 vs Conway. 
Our east coast connections, Lavona Suppes and her family, Virginia; Lauren Shapiro, New York; Cynthia Underwood, Washington, D.C.; and Shannon & Donna McKinney, North Carolina  experienced the hurricane and earthquake and are all doing ok.
Birthdays:  September 1, Celeste Davis; September 2, Ashley Higgins, Lacey Bookstore, Mike Peach, Sandy Irvin, Bill Cole, Andrew Casey, Mildred Littler; September 3, Ruth Crawshaw; September 4, Stephen Anderson; September 5, Ashley McGaughey, John Elmore; September 6, John Zeller, Jean Oelkers, Morgan Deines; September 7, Alicia Rues, Eli Morgan, Holly Anders, Jessica Casey.
Anniversaries:  September 1, Eric and Sarah Washaliski, Barry and LeAnn Knight, Terry and Carol Herdman, Rob and Helena McGaughey; September 2, Marty and Tina Mills; September 7, Wade and Tonya Hinman, Harold and Janet Herdman.
On the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, Wednesday, September 8, 1886, out in Waring Township in northeastern Ness County, a group of hardy pioneers, together with their pastor, Rev. W. Bitter and neighbors, assembled for the dedication of the first Catholic Church in the county, some five miles southwest of present day McCracken.  Owen McKittrick donated a five-acre tract for the church.  The church of frame measured 40 x 30 and cost $600.00. This marks 125 years since St. Mary's Catholic Church was founded.  In appreciation for the Catholics who inhabited that area, mostly of Irish descent, a mass will be held at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. with Father David Kraus presiding.  Our thanks to the Bishop of Dodge City for permission for this mass.  Everyone is welcome to attend.
Jackie Joe Klee celebrated the Big 60 on Monday.  Aunt Addie furnished the birthday cake and ice cream.
Our sympathy to the family of Betty Lou Doerr, 87, Eureka, who died August 22, 2011.  She was the daughter of Leo and Lovie McLain.  She married George Doerr in 1951.They later divorced.  Survivors include daughters, LuAnn Weatherbee, Linda Sue Cook; son, Terry Jon Doerr; seven grandchildren and many great-grandchildren.
Our sympathy to the family of Evelyn Holopirek. She is survived by her husband Marvin D. Holopirek, daughters, Kathy Janousek and Karen Harris. 
Kansas History Notes
In several counties of Kansas, contests on the location of county seat prevailed.  The most tragic was in Stephens County between Woodsdale and Hugoton.  Several people including the Sheriff were killed.  The governor ordered the second regiment of Kansas Militia to the county to preserve order.
The industry which must engage the energies of Kansas in 1889 was the manufacture of sugar from the sorghum cane.
McCracken History Notes
September 1911
Public schools started Monday with a full set of teachers and an unusually large attendance for the beginning.  Prof. Skinner is in charge with Mrs. Mary (Lovitt) Prior, Miss Stella and Miss Eva Snodgrass as assistants.  The enrollment is nearly double that of last year.
September 1941
Mrs. Frank Foster and children moved to McCracken Sunday where the children will attend school this term.  Bonnie Foster, Alberta Ree and Bill Hardwick began the second year of McCracken High School.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Higgins and son moved to Ulysses last week where Bob has work in a dairy.
September 1961
Loretta Washaliski left Sunday for Dodge City where she will attend a school of practical nursing.
Included in the list of beginners in the McCracken grade school this year are Daryl Casey, Kerri Elmore, Joan Gaschler, Pamela Harp, Laura Hinman, John Irvin, Lonnie Irvin, Maureen Janke, Danny McFarren, Danny North, Enid North, Rebecca Pfaff, John Rourke, Cathie Ryan and David Wetzel.

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