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Birthdays: September 19, Mikaela Brackney, Barbara Baus, Jeff Butler; September 20, Trina Casey, Kamryn Anderson; September 21, Phil Wiesner, Jamie Sewell; September 22, Lisa Irvin Collings, Iyslee Wilson; September 23, Mark Brackney, Jerry Schute, Cathie Shapiro, Taylor Doornbos, Elizabeth Showalter, Jeffrey Norlin, Kevin Anderson, Lexea Barnes, Antonella Foster; September 24, Mark Derr, Andrew Taylor, Cassandra Ohmes; September 25, Leila Barnett.

Anniversaries: September 19, Ron and Ruth Crawshaw; September 21, Ron and Kathy Casey, Grayson and Vickie Hampton; September 22, James and Billie Slemp.


Marlene Funk has shared a Great Bend Tribune newspaper that features town founders of McCracken in honor of the 75th anniversary of the town in July 1962. Those featured in the front page article were Patrick J. Jennings, Nellie P. Dutton, Harry Sultzer and Kate Derr

Patrick Jennings was self-taught having attended only one year of school. He authored several books, one is “Celestial Trails”, a technical science of astronomy. In 1928 he donated to Fort Hays, its first complete astronomical equipment.

Nellie P. Dutton and her husband, Charles (C. P.) operated the newspaper, “The Republican”, which they consolidated with the “McCracken Enterprise”. She worked for the Enterprise for 30 years. Nellie was a charter member of New Era Club which was founded in 1912.

Harry Sultzer was a veteran of the Spanish American War. Two of his buddies, Clarence Cline and Alan Coughenour signed up with him . Later he began to roam the country as a carpenter. He worked in Montana, California, Washington, Nevada, Oklahoma and Nebraska for 14 years. After that he returned home and helped his nephew Orville Durand with farm work and cattle.

Kate Showalter Derr moved to the McCracken area in 1884 with her parents, three years before the town was founded. She recalled the two big fires one in 1905 and 1909. There was no fire department then and all the buildings were wood. She and her husband Pete Derr had four children Emma, Dixon, Elmer and Hannah.

Francis Zeller was the General Chairman of the Diamond Jubliee celebration July 1962 Other committee members were Glenn Eisenhour, secretary; Calvin Parsons, king and queen contest; Rev. Elmer Robison, stationery; Loraine Ramsey, antiques; Bob Janke, carnival; Alvin Janke, parade; Al Rues, barbecue; Claude Irvin, dances; Tom Meehan, kid races; Gerald Walker, tractor pulling contest; Gerald Anderson, merchandising; John Elmore, publicity; and Elmore Ryan, finance. (From Rush County History Book Volume 1).


Work is being down on the Jail/Museum. The door and windows had metal wraps put on, new ceiling tile will replace some that had rain damage. A new ridge is being installed and screwed down, new jail letters were installed. One of the benches that was damaged by vandals has been re-enforced. The museum is 17 years old. Sid Osborne and his crew, Junior and Blue did the work.

The first meeting of the Fall of McCracken Main Street Literary Society began on Tuesday evening at 7:00 at McCracken Public Library. Those attending were Shirley Higgins, Ruth Crawshaw, Suzanne Randa, Carolyn Thompson and leader, Susan Rebel. All are welcome to attend. You read your favorite books and then come and share about them to the group. Susan always has a question to pose for us and a timely quote about books and how they impact our lives.

Shirley’s computer was ‘sick’ this past week therefore she didn’t submit any McCracken News.

A memorial for Carol Faye Bible and her son Scott Bryan will be held in the McCracken City Cemetery Saturday, September 22, beginning at 1 p.m. Come and share their lives.

There was one memorial to the Rues family that was anonymous – the family appreciates the donation.

Wednesday, Tammy, Shirley & Jerry attended the State Fair in Hutchinson. We stopped at the Jaffle booth and visited with LeAnne Morgan Russell. Barbara Baus and her granddaughter Kelly was also at the booth.

Carl Hickel and Hailey ? were married Saturday, September 16 in Wichita Falls, Texas. His attendants were Alex Lomas, Ryan Hoffman, Brady Demel and Zach Higgins. Several of Carl’s friends attended the wedding.

John Horesky is one of the many linemen working to help repair damage along the east coast following hurricane Florence.

Tammy, Carolyn, Shirley, Roxene and J.W. enjoyed listening to the Jimmy Dee Band Friday evening in Hays at the Pavilion.

Chuck Higgins spent about 3 weeks in Spencer, Iowa doing Farm Bureau ‘stuff’. Saturday the 15th he attended the Nebraska/Troy football game. The three largest cities in Nebraska are Omaha, Lincoln and the football stadium on game day. (I heard this from our friend Dennis Poland who is a TRUE Cornhusker).

How about those Chiefs, Broncos and Cowboys? Great games!!

Congratulations to LaCrosse Leopards who won over Republic County Friday night, 44-14 and to Otis – Bison Cougars who won 50-0 over Stafford.

Monday morning a work day was held at Second Chance Thrift Shop ‘sprucing’ and ‘cleaning’. Those who came to help were Suzanne Randa, Neomi Kreutzer, Linda Bittel, Jean Oelkers, Shirley Higgins, Sharon Georg, Joanne Elder, Genita Hughes and Kathy Pechance.

History Notes October l989:
Jonathan Gilbert Chapter of the DAR held their meeting at the new McCracken Library and in honor of their 50th anniversary. Representative Pat Roberts sent the Chapter a flag that had flown over the US Capitol building. Members and visitors attending were Naomi Webster, Lucille Lamer, Irma Torrey, Katherine Rogers, Joy Hunter, Drewie McGaughey, Carolyn Thompson, Jolene Brackney, Lucy Vogle, Shirley Higgins, Alvina Foster, King Mason and Charlotte Fluharty; Congratulations to John and Tammy Horesky on the birth of a son, Cameron Charles born October 10 weighing 9 lb – 8 oz; the McCracken High School and Grade School trophies for basketball, football, baseball, track, music, speech and scholarship are on display on shelves in the McCracken Library as are the cookie league baseball trophies. John Zeller installed the new shelves.


Patricia Petz

What a busy week!  I was up early Monday through Thursday as I substituted at LHS.  Monday and Tuesday, I enjoyed directing the band and vocal classes at LES and LMS/LHS.  

Monday evening I stayed in La Crosse after school to meet with our Rosary Maker group.  Before working, several of us met at JCT. 4 and enjoyed an evening meal together.  We'll be meeting on the second Wednesday of each month for this upcoming year.  If anyone would enjoy meeting with us, we sure would like to have you.

Wednesday evening, St. Michael's had a special mass for this year's CCD class and intentions were for Danny, so I know there were many prayers said for him.  It was nice to see so many young people attending mass and Father Eric did a nice job of welcoming everyone. 

The grass on the farm sure needed mowing again and both Tuesday and Thursday evenings were spent mowing until dark.  Unfortunately Thursday evening, I felt this surge of electricity going through my arm and I believe a wasp had stung me.  I was told when I was young, that I might be allergic to bee stings as I remember passing out at a track meet and rushed to the hospital.  I didn't go to a doctor this time, but after researching bee stings, I used some Benadryl gel along with some aloe vera plant juice on my arm.  I have to reapply the gel about every three to four hours as the itching sets in. My arm is swollen and very red.  I hope that doesn't happen again very soon. And talk about MOSQUITOES, what a disaster!  They are everywhere in full force.  I guess we have to take a little bit of the bad along with the good for receiving all of the moisture that we've had lately.  

Friday morning I prepared for a busy weekend and that afternoon I enjoyed the Homecoming parade in La Crosse.  After the parade I set out for McPherson.  Once I reached McPherson, Angie and I drove to Marion to unload and set up my tent for the Art in the Park and Craft Show to be held on Saturday.  

We were up early on Saturday to drive back to Marion.  It was very humid throughout the day and by mid-afternoon it became very hot because there was hardly any breeze at all.  Since Central Park is so nicely shaded, there were many people that turned out for the fair.  We had a very good day meeting people and helping them decide what piece of jewelry would best meet their needs.  Once we returned to McPherson, Trent, Drake, Grant,  Angie and I went to a Mexican Restaurant for supper.  It was delicious! 

I attended mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church in McPherson on Sunday.  Their new pastor is Father Ben Shockey.  I sure did miss the previous pastor that they had.  I always felt so happy when I left church because his homilies were excellent!   Angie's family was headed to Hutchinson to go to the Kansas State Fair, so I headed back home.  I needed to pick up a few things in Great Bend and then I was greeted by Boomer (my dog) when I reached home.  Needless to say, he was excited to see me.

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