October 10, 2018 News

Birthdays: October 10, Jeffrey Hinman, Cameron Horesky; October 11, Julie Stull, Kristana Anderson, Katelyn Stull, Eric Scriven; October 12, Dale Elias, Bob Wolfe, Phyllis Conrad, Todd Borger; October 13, David Norlin, Ryan Wiebe, Brad Lovitt, Richard Hardwick; October 14, Terry Mills, Jason Showalter, Zoe Anderson; October 15, Richard Wittman, Clayton Casey; October 16, Jennifer Lovitt, Paulette Thompson, Georgia Lytle, Eric D. Kerny.

Anniversaries: October 11, Craig and Julie Stull; October 12, Pete and Terri Cox; October 14, Frank and Elaine Littler; October 15, Bryan and Kyra Reese, James and Dorothy Hanson.

The Jail/Museum has been given a postcard mailed from McCracken, Kans on July 1, 1909 to Miss Tracy Klusener, Dorrance, Kan from C.S. (Charles Smith). Tracy was the grandmother of Carolyn Thompson. She later married D. T. (Tom) Dennis. The picture is of two red flowers.

Faith Sharing began on Monday at St. Mary's Rectory. Those attending were Twila Higgins, Jean Schutte, Jeanette McCormick, Phyllis Conrad and Carolyn Thompson. Other members unable to attend were Shirley Higgins, DeAnna Bergquist and Pat Petz. The classes are each Monday at 10:00 and last for an hour. Please come join us.

From the textbook “Early Days in Kansas” by Bliss Isely, there is an article about a Covered Wagon with a family named German who had seven children, Adelaide, Julia, Sophia, Catherine, Joanna, Stephen and Jane. They came from Georgia in a wagon that was drawn by a yoke of oxen. They stopped several places to earn money - Tennessee, Missouri, a farm near Elgin in Chautauqua County. They were looking for free land in western Kansas. Sometimes the road would be full of covered wagons looking for free land Each wagon was covered with a canvas. Some people had room in their wagons for stoves and for beds. For large families they didn't have room so they cooked on the ground and slept under the wagon They loved seeing the stars and the clear skies. All the clothing and furniture was put in the covered wagon. Not all the people were going west, one heading east was afraid and told them to go back, but they kept heading west and on to Colorado. Unfortunately, they should have heeded the man. As they traveled west they were attack by Stone Calf on the Smoky Hill River. The parents, two sisters and a brother were killed. They captured Catherine, 17, Sophia 12, Julia 7 and Adelaide 5 The Indians were traveling to Texas and the little girls couldn't go as fast, so they abandoned them on the prairie. They foraged for food and were about starved when Grey Beard came upon them. Their sister Sophia was with the Grey Beard's village. The soldiers came and rescued Julia and Adelaide, but the Indians took Sophia. This story was from Adelaide German Andrews.

Diane McFarren held a birthday celebration for friends that had birthday’s in October.....Diane, Jason, Johnny Mac, Zoe and Angela. Those attending were Amanda Showalter, Kyson, Terran; Valerie Anderson, Zoe, Rylan, Piper, Kamryn, Quinn; Richard Showalter, Angela Murray, Cathie Casey, Helena McGaughey, Shirley Higgins, Austin McGaughey, Johnny Mac Showalter, Jason and Jessica Showalter, Hayvn, Shaili, Tabree and Ryker and Chuck Nelson.

Our sympathy to the family of Larry Eisenhour who died this past week from cancer. Funeral services will be held in Salina on Wednesday, October 6 at Trinity United Methodist Church beginning at 10:00 a.m. Burial will be later at the McCracken City Cemetery, McCracken, Kansas at 3:00 p.m.

Word has been received of the death of Charles Smith Weber. He was a graduate of MHS in 1957. He stayed with Francis and Julia Zeller while in McCracken.

Rev. Larry Brock and wife Denise, Hill City, were last Monday visitors of Addie Mills. Marty and Tina Mills also came over to visit.

John and Melanie Zeller attended the musical group Three Dog Night in Salina Saturday evening.

Dyan Axman won the chili contest at her place of work in Kansas City this week-end. She used the Wendy’s recipe of her grandmother’s, Jean Oelkers.

Wow, talk about rain. It rained Saturday night and all day Sunday and Monday. I think about 4.25 inches as of Monday afternoon.

January 1955
Perry J. Irvin broke his leg Wednesday while coasting on the snow at Brick Hill; Lorraine Norlin’s piano students entertained at the Methodist Church on Friday. They are: Vicky and Susan Irvin, Luann Grumbein and Karen Norlin’; Norma Jean Peters has leased Neta’s Café from Mrs. Davenport and will take charge Sunday; Bob Huber will open an appliance store in February in the Petz Building; Kay Fear, Albert Oller and Dean Gilbert left for induction in the Army; Jessie Robertson died February 3 in Hays. She leaves 3 daughters, Lucile Teter, Loraine Ramsey and Drewie McGaughey; Ben Whitehead died February 18 at San Bernardino; MHS beat Schoenchen 62-44 on Friday. Bill Lovitt and Byron Gilbert scored high points; born to Dean and Inez Irvin a son March 2, named Lonnie Beverly; born to Robert and Frances Janke a daughter, Maureen, March 4; Betty Davis has returned from completing a course at Stewart Beauty Academy and will be in charge of the beauty shop here, Shirley Brackney will moved to Ness City; Reed Bullock and Roberta Anderson were married at the EUB Church, Yvonne McFarren and Jack Wilson were attendants.


Patricia Petz:

This was a very busy, rainy, and cold week.  I had several appointments in Hays Wednesday afternoon.  Later in the day, I traveled to Ellis and had a nice visit with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz.  

Thursday afternoon, mom and I headed to Manhattan to set up for the 45th Annual Pumpkin Patch Craft Show.  Unfortunately, I was one of many that was in an outside building with no side walls.  We put up as many tarps as we could to try to keep the wind, rain, and cold out!  I really believe that the attendance would have been better had the weather cooperated, but all in all we had a great time.  After mom and I set up Thursday evening, we met my grandson, Tyler Timson and had supper together at Olive Garden.  Tyler is a freshman attending K-State.  

We left Manhattan Saturday evening in the rain and fog and met up with Angie, Drake, and Grant Timson in Salina.  We had supper at one of our favorite restaurants, Red Lobster, and then decided to stay the rest of the night in McPherson rather than driving in the rain and the dark.  Sunday morning, mom and I attended mass at St. Joseph's Church in McPherson and then we had lunch at Imperial Gardens with Angie, Tyler, Drake and Grant.  After lunch mom and I headed back to La Crosse.  The rain is great, however, I knew that meant that my road was going to be impossible for me to go home on, so I had to take the long way around.  I'm afraid I'll be putting on many extra miles this next week.

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