October 24, 2018 News

Birthdays: October 24, Doug Keady, Aiden (Gary's) Anderson; October 25, Jean Herdman, Janet Miller, Maverick DeWitt; October 26, Mitchell Jacobs, Lanette Kaster; October 27, Jamie Herdman, Tomi Rues, Dillon Slemp; October 28, Chase Rogers, Brett J. Kerney, Cash McCormick, Johnny Mac Showalter; October 29, Kim Taylor, Clayton Everhart, Giorgia Foster, Elliott Horesky; October 30, Lance Brenner, Sarah J. Casey, Stacy Brackney, Sabrina Hurt, Joe Slemp; Masyn Blackwell

Anniversariesr: October 26, Mark and Rhonda Derr; October 27, Clayton and Kizmin Wilson.

Lynn Kochenower was in eastern Kansas to celebrate her Grandmother's, 105th birthday. Congratulations to Kathryn Kochenower. Lynn's brother turned 55.

Charlotte Peters has given a cup to the Jail/Museum   It says Souvenir of McCracken, Kansas and has blue flowers painted on the side.  There is a gold rim on the cup   We have some other pieces at the museum that match the cup.  What a special addition to the museum collection.

Spook Parade, Saturday, October 27, 4:30 p.m. Start at Library then to Community Building.

Saturday, Oct. 20th at the McCracken Public Library was the sight of scary Halloween StoryTime. Tell Me a Scary Story, But Not Too Scary by Carl Reiner was read followed by making origami blinking eyeballs. After the children enjoyed a snack, played computer games, and put puzzles together. The Thanksgiving StoryTime will be Saturday, Nov. 17th at 10 am. Children will be learning How to Catch a Turkey by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton.

Get those costumes together! The McCracken Public Library's annual Spook Parade will be Saturday, October 27th. Meet at the library at 4:30 to parade to the city building to chow down on zombie fingers and brains (hot dogs and mac n' cheese). Following the feast a Halloween movie will be shown. McCrackenites, you might want to be sure and have your candy ready, there was talk of trick or treating following the movie.

Saturday evening, Shirley, John, Tammy, Chuck, Zach, Bryant and Kyra celebrated Kyra’s 30th birthday in Hays eating at Applebee’s.

Kayla attended a football game in which one of her second graders played. Another little boy who attends her school was there and ask her if she was the player’s grandma!! Made her day.

September 21 I received a letter from our friend who lives in Canada telling us that fall was there and they had not turned a wheel in a field. The trees and grass are green but the fields are muddy, there had been lots of frost, -5 to -12 for over a week. Farmers are worried about paying bills and land payments. Land sells for $300,000 (thousand) plus for a quarter.

Tammy Horesky returned home after spending a week babysitting her grandson, Elliott Horesky, in Eudora.

Priscilla Jacobs spent the weekend in Wichita with Neal and Amy Jacobs along with Jaden, Jenna, Hadley and Hudson Jacobs visited a Pumpkin Patch in which they very much enjoyed. Afterwards they all carved pumpkins when they returned home.

History Notes:
Rev. and Mrs. Howard West moved to the Viola Barnes residence which the Methodists have purchased for a parsonage; Edith Pearson was honored Friday night with a potluck supper given in her honor for twenty years of teaching; born to John and Wanda Elmore a daughter Kerri Susan on June 6; Dennis Peters was honored with a party on this 9th birthday with guests Jan Eisenhour, Paulette Grate, Jametta Peters, Kathy Casey, Karen Norlin, Georganna and D.J. Klema, Terry Peters, Ronnie Rein, Kay Mills, Mike and Russell Peters; A farewell dinner was given to Dell and Anna Klema and family who are moving to Russell; Mrs. Robert Thompson left for California to attend the wedding of her son, Willard; Wendell and Gladys Hinman and family have moved into the residence of Earl Turner (Ben Thompson); Wayne Irvin is serving aboard the aircraft carrier “Philippine Sea” which is in the Far East; A/3c Elven Lavern Showalter will leave for three years of duty in England.


Patricia Petz:

My grandson, Nicholas Petz, was a busy guy on Tuesday out at my farm.  He was able to trim and/or cut down eight trees that needed some TLC. He did an excellent job and I'll be looking forward to when he can come back and work on some more trees. It was a great day to serve him and his dad some homemade potato and dumpling soup! 

Wednesday I helped out at the Elementary Building and Thursday I was at the High School.  However, I did not have a very good start Thursday morning.  As I was preparing to kennel up my dog, he decided to trip me and I landed face down on the dirt. I definitely was not a happy camper!   After I was able to get up, I brushed myself off, cleaned up, and headed to school with an ice pack on my face.  Other than a few facial scrapes and a sore body, I was alright.  I guess I'll just need to be more careful in the future.

Friday afternoon I was off to the big city of Luray to set up my tent and tables for the Luray Craftique show to be held on Saturday.  I spent the evening in Russell at the Fossil Creek Inn which is an awesome place to stay.  Saturday morning, I traveled back to Luray where they had over 125 vendors located throughout town.  Some of the vendors were in buildings no longer occupied while others were outside under their tents.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  

After the show, I packed up and headed to LaCrosse where I attended the reception for Megan Herrman and Joeziv Hernandez.  Megan is the daughter of Carl and Lorna Herrman and granddaughter of John and Rita Liggett.  I had a nice time visiting with a lot of my cousins that I hadn't seen for a long time.  Later that evening, my daughter, Angie, and her family came out to the farm to spend the night.  

On Sunday, we attended the delicious fried chicken dinner that was prepared by the Ellis St. Mary's Catholic CYO students. During lunch, Grant pulled out his second baby tooth.  He was so excited and had to show everybody his tooth.   He'll be anxiously waiting to see what that tooth fairy has in store for him after he gets back home! After our meal, we went to see Grandma Dolores at the Long Term Care unit. The boys, Drake and Grant, were excited to share some Halloween jokes with her. When we got back to the farm, they loaded up the truck and headed back to McPherson.  Hopefully, I'll be able to see them again in a few weeks!  

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