November 7, 2018 News

Birthdays: November 7, Troy Petz, Kathy Coen, Dave Libberton, Donna McKinney; November 8, Chris Jones, Janice Stull, Kim Townsend, Charlotte Ochs, Grace Desbein; November 9, Chuck Higgins, Gavin Hayes; November 10, Berry Schwien; November 11, Danny Mills, Rob Wimer, Kelli Sloan, Janice Haney; November 12, Brandon Engleman. November 13, Deb Rogers

Anniversaries: November 8, Darwin and Lynnette Grumbein; November 10, Melvin and Karen Simmerman; November 11, Vic and Susie Parsons; November 13, Sean and Laura Bookstore.

Eric Scriven, Deb Gaunt, Suzanne Sauer and Carolyn Thompson were in Manhattan over the weekend to attend the Strecker-Nelson West Art Gallery's recent art show “SNW Presents 2018”. A reception was held from 5:30 to 8:00 to open the show and honor the artists. Eric had two of his abstracts on display. The show will run until December 29 if you happen to be in Manhattan. It is located at 406-1/2 Poyntz Avenue. Alyn West is an Owner-Gallerist. She personally came to LaCrosse to pick out four pieces she wanted of Eric's for the show.

We have received two sets of items for the Jail/Museum one from Bob and the late Carrie House and the other from the late Billie North. There are yearbooks from MHS, pictures of the Class of 1951 and business give aways from Carrie and Atlases, painting book, cookbooks and yards sticks from Billie.

Another donation is a Class of 1923 McCracken High School Diploma for Fern Priscella Derr. Dave Derr brought it to Priscella Jacobs. Those graduating were Alvina Sieling, Fern Derr, James Lovitt, Lucille Robertson, William Long, Pansy Plotner, Ione Miller, Nancy Farwell, Robert Lovitt, Margaret James, Rosa McKittrick and Mildred Nibert. The Superintendent was B. F. Nibert and the Principal was Esther Van Patten. Other interesting items: Ryan Motor Company sold a 1935 Plymouth to James R. Derr and J. W. Derr for $500.00; a letter from E. S. Chenoweth on bank stationary The Bank of McCracken written on March 2, 1909. The Directors of the bank were J. P. Warden, J. E. Andrews, Thomas Ryan, J. W. Chenoweth, G. M. Ryan, E. S. Chenoweth, Frank Wray and William Sutton; A receipt for 4th Liberty Loan for Amos Derr in 1914, and two receipts for Gold Bonds for Start and James in 1918
Our sympathy to the family of John M. Stull who died October 31, 2018 at Rush County Memorial Hospital. The services were Saturday, November 3 at the United Methodist Church in McCracken with Pastor Norma McNair officiating. Casket Bearers were Matthew Stull, Tayler Stull, Colby Stull, Ben Scarato, Dale Elias and Tyrel Elias. Honorary bearers were Jessica Scarato, Katelynn Stull, Kara Stull, Luca Scarato and Kennedy Stull. Burial was in McCracken City Cemetery. Not only was John a farmer but he was civil minded as well. He along with the Board members of the McCracken Public Library were instrumental in providing a new facility for the library. He served as treasurer for the library for many years. He was a gentle man and respected throughout the area. We will miss him.


Patricia Petz:

It's always so much fun to watch the excitement when Halloween rolls around each year!  I left the farm mid-afternoon on Wednesday to spend the evening with my grandsons, Drake and Grant in McPherson!  Drake dressed up as a Cyclops and Grant was a Werewolf. They loved handing out the candy to the trick-or-treaters, but they soon decided that they wanted in on the action as well.  It was a beautiful evening for this fun event, however, Trent, Angie's husband, started up the golf cart to help me make it around the area where they lived.  Someone had the bright idea of hooking their drone up with a flying ghost and chasing after the children.  It was really an awesome sight as it caught them completely by surprise! 

After spending the night with the Timson's Wednesday evening, I headed off to Braman, Oklahoma to meet with a friend that has been helping me make my magnetic jewelry for nearly fifteen years.  We had a very nice visit and she helped me repair and make several new pieces for my upcoming shows.  Before we knew it, it was five o'clock and we were both needing to head back home.  I spent the night with the Timson's once again and headed out early Friday morning as they got ready for school and work.  

After I reached La Crosse, I picked up Mom, Mary Steitz, and headed to the farm to exchange cars, and we were then ready for our next road trip. We stopped in Colby to drop off an order and then headed to Goodland to set up for the Simply Chic Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair.  Of course once we reached Goodland, we were on Mountain Time and since they are one hour ahead of us, things just didn't seem quite normal. 

Saturday, was a fun day at the show and after the show ended, we packed up and headed back to McCracken.  Mom spent the night with me and of course once we got back home we needed to reset all of my clocks as Daylight Savings Time came to an end!  

We attended mass on Sunday in Hays at St. Nicholas's Catholic Church. It was fun to visit with Norma Pipken, who just happened to be in town.  We also greeted Bryan and Treva Wilson, but were unable to visit with them.  Since mom and I both enjoy fried chicken, we decided to eat at JD's Chicken.  There we came upon Don and Phyllis Manhart and Craig and Sherry Stevens.  It's always fun to visit with friends when you least expect it! We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some shopping.  We even got a little bit of Christmas shopping completed.  Did you know that there are only 7 more Saturdays until that special day? I have to really get busy and have the grandkids get me their Wish List! 

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