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Anniversary: November 25, Dave and Sharla Albers.


Patricia Petz:

Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus," was the first true science fiction novel that was being performed at the Fort Hays State University as part of their Encore Series.  The story which was written two centuries ago in 1818, raises an important question about the nature of innovation - just because it can be done, should it be?  I attended this production, Monday evening, in spite of the bitter cold and icy road conditions. 

The "cold" season has hit!  Not only the cold weather, but the sore throat, coughing and sneezing as well.  I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday in bed drinking lots of hot tea and chicken noodle soup! 

Thursday, mom and I headed for McPherson, as Lincoln Elementary was celebrating "Grandparent's Day."  I bet there were not too many children that had both their grandmother and great-grandmother in attendance. Drake is in the third grade and Grant is in Kindergarten.  We had a very nice time meeting their teachers and participating in their activities with them.

Angie had off on Friday, so we took the opportunity to go shopping in Salina. First, we had lunch and then we set up my jewelry display at the Tony's Center.  It was such a nice afternoon, that we shopped most of the day until we became so tired that we decided that it was time to head back to McPherson.  

Saturday was a very busy day for mom and I.  We left early to head back to Salina for the 52nd Annual See-N-Sell Craft Show sponsored by the Girl Scouts.  There were over 200 vendors and many people that attended the event.  The day was very nice until mid-afternoon when the weather became very cold and windy.  The show ended at 4 and then we became Russell bound where we needed to set up for the show at the fairgrounds for Sunday.  

The Zeta Mu Sorority held their annual Christmas Craft Show on Sunday.  The weather cooperated and the attendance was very good.  We were kept very busy and when the show was over, mom and I still had a lot to do to finish out our day.  Once we loaded up, we headed to Hays to do some emergency shopping and then we headed to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church so that we could attend mass. Once we made it home, we quickly put things away and found our beds.  Mom was gracious enough to let me spend the night with her so that I didn't have to drive home so late at night.  

Hopefully, next week will not be quite so hectic, but I'm afraid it looks like it will be a very busy week as well.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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